Replace Your Shower Curtain with Shower Sliding Doors

Forget the old, moulding shower curtain and invest in shower sliding doors which encourage hygiene and an aesthetically pleasing appeal. Shower curtains are cold and cling to you at times, so why not make your baths and showers that much more enjoyable with a glass screen and make shower curtains a thing of the past.

With a professional installation of glass shower screen, you can enjoy the simplistic benefits of such a stylish facility. Shower screens can be fitted successfully and with ease by a fully trained member of staff, who can provide a quick and easy installation. Create the most convenient of shower areas with a glass screen by simply calling us today.

Shower Doors Sliding Are Elegant and Hygienic

By utilising shower doors sliding glass instead of a shower curtain, you will not only avoid flooding the bathroom floor, but will have a far cleaner, more hygienic appliance. In addition, you will notice just how much easier a glass screen is to clean – simply spray glass cleaner onto the glass and wipe clean with a dry cloth.

Eliminate Shower Curtains with Sliding Shower Doors Glass

Plastic shower curtains are certainly a thing of the past and with so many fantastic styles of glass bath shower screens obtainable, it is no wonder. Whether you are in search of bath screens or a sliding shower screen doors, we will assist you in finding the perfect screen to suit your needs and your taste in décor.

Our bath screens will transform your bath into a charmingly opportune showering area, whilst our shower screens provide a convenient and sanitary way in which to shower.

Choose Expertly Fitted Glass Sliding Shower Doors

Our glass sliding shower doors can be structured from 6mm, 8mm or 10mm toughened glass with a variety of fixtures and fittings including shiny aluminium or classic chrome. Our staff members are highly skilled and will fit your chosen bath screen with efficiency and experience.

If you want to boost your shower area with the latest in appliances, then a glass shower screen is definitely the way to achieve this. Browse through our magnificent collection of sliding shower doors 900mm today and have your shower area transformed in next to no time.

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