Are You Looking For Sliding Shower Doors To Transform Your Bathroom?

Sliding shower doors provide the perfect contemporary alternative to the commonly utilised shower curtain. They can be installed directly onto shower trays or onto wet room floors, ensuring a practical and sleek feature in any bathroom. The hardware arrangements are almost unlimited, which means no matter how large or small your bathroom is you can be sure your bathroom can house a shower and screen.

Not only do sliding shower doors parts form an impressive structure, but they are functional too ensuring that you have a stunning bathroom that emphasises comfort and easy-living. For added privacy why not opt for frosted sliding shower doors?

Sliding Shower Doors 1200mm Styled to Suit Your D├ęcor

Do not be fooled into thinking that sliding shower doors glass are only available in the form of flat surfaces, as in actual fact, glass screens can be curved to ensure you achieve your desired look. In addition to this, you can opt for sliding shower doors 1200mm or you can also opt for coloured glass, allowing a bright and vibrant appearance.

For an extra touch of glamour, why not opt for a side or back light with LED illumination, providing you extra light whilst you shower. You can control the level of light provided via a dimmer switch – this way you can be sure to get the level of brightness just right.

Frameless Sliding Shower Doors Providing Increased Convenience

Frameless sliding shower doors provide a fantastic finish to your bathroom area and work perfectly in complimenting your bathroom accessories. Their solid exterior provides a secure and waterproof appliance to keep your bathroom dry at all times. If your screen requires a hinge, the hinge that you select is most likely to be self-closing for a superior sealant and quality finish.

Shower Sliding Doors 1000mm For a Flawless Look

Sliding shower doors 1000mm provide a convenient and hygienic alternative to the frequently used shower curtain. Shower curtains have a tendency to stick to you whilst you shower they also have a habit of draping out of the shower and flooding the bathroom in the process. With a glass shower screen you know that this will not happen.

Shower Doors Sliding Can Be Selected in Hundreds of Designs

Whether you are in search of a walk-in shower screen or a glass screen for your bath, there are many designs and styles to be contemplated, not only concerning the visual appeal, but also the manner by which it functions. For instance, if you select a shower screen door, you can choose whether you wish your door to open inwards, outwards or to slide across.

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